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In RR Om lights the Kerala lamp

In RR Om lights the Kerala lamp              

Dear Readers,

Thank you all for your response to our new blog. We hope you will stick with us and maybe even tell a friend or two.

So you might like to know what topics we will be covering. Here’s a random sample:

• Info about our Heritage Hotel, Raheem Residency (RR)– behind the scenes as well as front of house
• Must-dos and must-don’ts on a Kerala holiday
• (Intimate) Chats under the Coconut Trees in RR
• Local customs eg the Kissing Strike on Alleppey Beach
• Indian food and the science of curry
• Health and rejuvenation the Ayurveda way
• Damn jet lag!
• Travel tips from a long-haul traveller

And so excited are we about our new blog that we want to share with you the tekkie tips we pick up eg did you know that in 2015 you may be able to SMELL through your Smartphone?
Smell India? Well, maybe yes……and there again, maybe no!
Stay with us!


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