Choose Curry Every Time


Who eats the healthiest food? Sweden? Germany? Spain?

Or could it possibly be our beloved India?

Indeed it is.

A recent bunch of surveyors tootled around 23 countries ‘torturing’ 28,000 innocents about their eating habits. India was streets ahead with 79% of folk saying they eat healthy food, upmarket Sweden had a lowly 51%, disciplined Germany 53% and laid-back Spain held up a valiant rear at 60%.

It’s not surprising. You won’t find too many Indians shoving the pre-packaged Tikka Masala into a microwave. Indians cook from fresh, as they call it.

And that’s why you just might have to wait a little longer than you like for food to come to your table in restaurants all over India.

Hardly an onion is chopped in the Raheem Residency kitchen before your order comes in.

And most Indian families would be aghast at the thought of freezing food and then re-heating it next week. The prana, the life force in Ayurveda, would be well and truly compromised at that stage.

So next time your food order seems to take an interminable amount of time, just remember chances are it’s all being prepared from scratch.

BTW why would you be in a hurry if you’re on hols?


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