Chats under the Coconut Tree No 1

In our old blog of Raheem Residency we used to write about some of the life-changing moments we learned about from guests and from books. Invariably these ‘aha’ moments happened outside in the grounds of this heritage hotel. Hence the title Chats under the Coconut Tree.

Today we bring you the first ever Chat we published. Lots of new ones to come.

We had a guest to stay recently who had quit her job. She was having second-thoughts. Had she done the right thing? So we got talking and this is what we came up with:

Have I made the Right decision or not?
• Your current job will throw up what isn’t working for you. So make sure you don’t repeat your history by having the same elements of discontent in your next position.
• Ask yourself what truly motivates you in the current job. Is it the service you can provide to clients as in hospitality? Are you a people person or do you prefer the back office where you can work alone? Is it creativity? If so have you enough scope? Then search for these outlets in your next job.
• Work out clearly your strengths and your weaknesses. What are your best skills? What skills are you willing to learn if they’re absent? And frankly what are no good at? Make sure you have an outlet for the positives in your next job. And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of up-skilling now and again.
• Is your new job going to feel like your favourite comfy coat? Can you relax, be confident while still working hard? In other words are you on the right Life Path? There is a Path for everyone but it can take years – and countless jobs – to find it.
Amazing the chats that take place under the coconut trees in RR!

In the grounds of Raheem Residency

In the grounds of Raheem Residency


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