Crucial Airline Info?


 Sometimes I think we are all a bit crazier than we think. I speak lightly of course.

But take those in-your-face journey maps on an aeroplane. You know the ones that like to give you the vital information that its -56C outside. Just in case you’d take the notion of sticking your nose outside the door.

Then they want you to know that your ground speed is 758mph which must charm the hearts of all the aeronautical engineers on board but really aside from them who else cares?

And we absolutely need to know that we are flying at 39,000 ft or 11,877metres. Life just wouldn’t be the same without that detail.

Also its crucial to know that we are 2832 miles or 4557kms from our destination. Aagh! The numbers sound too big. I want to have arrived.

But the one that really gets me is Local Time at Destination. I’m already imagining what the friends are doing at the Destination while I sit trapped in a seat like a child in a buggy. And the minutes don’t exactly fly.

So this is where I allow self-deception to creep in. It’s a mental trick I use which sounds nonsensical but it works for me. I deliberately AVOID the Time to Destination figure while I’m still fresh enough to read the odd magazine, make a few notes, eat some food, freshen up, flick through the movies and so on.

If you check that figure when it’s still a whopping seven hours (and this is your second fight of the day) your heart with sink. But sneak a peek when its three hours to go and quickly that figure becomes 2hrs.50mins. Only two hours and a bit. This is the home stretch. Psychologically it’s doable. It’s the last lap in the race.

Let the countdown begin. Whoopee!

P.S. Of course you good sleepers who make me jealous don’t have this problem at all. Lucky you.


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