Local life in Alleppey


The town of Alleppey (Alappuzha in Malayalam language) is criss-crossed by a network of canals – a bit like the symmetry of Manhattan at a push. In earlier days it was called the Venice of the East. Now that makes me cringe. But I would certainly go with the Venice of India.

The canal (above) is around the corner from our hotel. And it is on canals like these that you will take your houseboat cruise – a mini floating hotel with your private local staff of three gliding you through serene swaying palms with glimpses of real village life as you cruise by.

A Kerala houseboat


Pic happy man

A happy man but what does he sell? You can ask him if you come visit. He’s not a million miles away from the hotel! But I don’t think you’ll be shopping with him somehow



Strong-looking lady in her colourful sari at the local market selling coconuts for countless Kerala dishes.

Pics by our chef Ananthu A. & senior steward Phillip J. 


10 thoughts on “Local life in Alleppey

  1. What beautiful photographs, it takes me back to very special trip to Alleppey a couple of years ago.. Hope to be back there one day.


  2. Second-hand building ‘equipment’. Rubber basins for mixing cement etc. What struck me is that quintessential paradox of India…. Clearly the man makes a very small living but in his quasi-yoga pose he looks the essence of contentment. Do we need money to be truly content?


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