I Love Kerala


Kerala in the red!

Kerala in the red!

I get so disgruntled reading all the negative stuff about India in the western press. It’s as if nothing good as ever come out of that wonderful land. Our Front Office compiled this short set of Trivia facts about our beloved Kerala. You can almost smell the patriotism!

  • Women outnumber men in Kerala, a rarity in India.
  • Kerala has a higher rate of literacy than the USA.
    Kerala is the first place in the world to elect a Communist government
  • Kerala has every religion known to man and God except Shinto.
  • A Malayalee (Kerala person) was the first in the world to work out that the earth is round and rotates on its own axis (Aryabhatha in 5 A.D.).
  • The same lad was the first to work out the value of pi (3.1614). It must have driven him nuts!

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