An Indian Hero



India’s Independence Day is August 15th. And this year the government is asking the Indian people to remember a recent great President of India – the late Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam who died aged 83 on July 29th 2015.

He started out his working life as a paper boy and went on to become a national hero in India as the architect of the country’s nuclear missile programme. In 2002 he was overwhelmingly elected as India’s 12th president and thus became the third Muslim to hold the post.

When he passed away it was estimated that he owned:

6 pairs of trousers

4 shirts

3 suits

2500 books

1 Flat (which he donated)

16 doctorates

1 website

1 Twitter account

1 email ID.

No TV, A/C, land, shares or bank balance.

He donated the last eight years of his pension to the development of his native village.

Western Presidents, how do you compare?

President Kalam playing the sitar

President Kalam playing the sitar


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