A Tekkie Tip 4 u

R U like him?

R U like him?

Like all hotels, Raheem Residency too has to deal with an awkward email now and again. And no doubt it happens to you also even if you’re not in the tourism business.
So here’s a tip. According to emaillabs.com there’s a premium time in the day when your tough email will get the best possible response.
That’s after lunch around 1.30pm.
Because the recipient will be done with the morning rush so you won’t be getting in the way. Secondly, his/her little belly will be comfortably full and the humour may be better!
It all sounds so obvious. But then sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious. Do we not?
That same company maintains that women get more stressed out from sending that difficult email than men. But we all know some men who would say that women get more stressed over everything than men. Bah!
But not in India. It’s one of the many striking differences between east and west. South Indian folk and people from Kerala in particular are more laid-back, easy-going and absolutely allergic to panic and rush. No wonder Ayurveda and Yoga originated here.
Come see it at first hand! Book that holiday now!

Relaxing Ayurveda Massage 4 u?

Relaxing Ayurveda Massage 4 u?

Re-posting from October 27, 2014.



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