S Indian Coffee is Great Stuff!

Picking coffee beans.

Picking coffee beans.

I can never understand why 4* hotels in India serve primarily instant coffee, that dreadful tasteless factory product. Kerala produces wonderful coffee beans. You might like to go and see them grow you’re on your Indian holiday. Choose Wayanad or Coorg.

Trees will grow up to 10ft and when the red berries emerge, they are picked by hand, brought to a factory where they are dried in the sun before bring roasted.

So with an abundance of real coffee in the neighbourhood why are we subjected to instant stuff? Somehow it has brome classier. Well, I never! But here’s a tip: your best chance of getting decent coffee is at breakfast. After 11 in the morning it’s back to the tasteless stuff.

But left to their own specific Indian devices, they do serve a decent cup of instant coffee on trains and in road-side cafes. This demands a certain skill. Lost of steaming hot milk, a good lash of sugar and instant coffee. Somehow this trio of the unexpected is delicious. It’s the first thing I buy on an Indian train. And a train journey (which is a MUST-DO for you on your holidays here) would not be complete with it.


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