Cheap Holidays on Offer!


Alleppey Beach in the monsoon

Do you like to holiday when good quality accommodation is really cheap? Then come to Kerala during the monsoon.

But first let’s settle a few monsoon myths. No, it doesn’t rain all day every day. And when it does it tends to come in strong bursts rather than a continuous flow all day long. As for the ‘quality’ of the rain,  well, imagine a warm shower. None of the pin prick sensation of cold, sharp rain clawing at your face as we have in colder climates

Heavy at times, yes. Thundery too. Dramatic sounds and sights.

Is it cold? No. Locals will tell you otherwise. They say ‘It’s cool today’. Ignore it. There is indeed a temperature drop. Of one miserable degree celsius! The average daily temperature during monsoon is around 29C. Nice and warm.

But back to hotels. You can expect to get away with paying on average HALF the cost of a room in the high tourist season. Yet you will have all the same facilities – swimming pool, restaurants, Ayurveda, Yoga. Of course we, hoteliers, are not particularly happy about this trend but for you it would be a mug’s game not to take advantage of these great offers.


Another advantage of a monsoon holiday is that it is the premium time to boost your health and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit with the Indian health system, Ayurveda. Ayurvedic tradition has it that as the rain rejuvenates the earth so also are our bodies and minds more susceptible to rejuvenation at this time. You should try a minimum  week-long or more course of daily General Body massage. Throw in an Ayurvedic Facial for a tenner. And yes, boys, it’s for you too. If you need specialised treatment for joint pain, back pain, migraine etc there are specialised massages with exceptionally good oils for those conditions. We even have a Slimming programme. Simply put, it’s a special powder massage which breaks down the fatty tissue in the body.

And more good news – we have specially discounted Ayurveda packages for you (see below). Put that together with nearly half-price room tariff and you have a dream holiday which your bank manager will love you for.

So give it some thought. Think of the benefits. Think of the savings. And more than anything, think of the unique experience which is our incredible India.

Check out our DISCOUNTED Ayurvedic packages at


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