India v Thailand. Which One 4 u?

trissur pooram

An Indian religious festival

An interesting statistic from the world of tourism.

India gets as few as 7million tourists a year and most of these are people of Indian origin living abroad and visiting family or Religious sites in India.  Indians have a strong sense of family, a concept that has been eroded in many other part of the world. And so whether they are living in New York, Australia or London an annual pilgrimage home to both family and to religious sites is a must.

Thailand is just one twentieth the size of India. Tiny in comparison, and yet it gets 27 million tourists each year. That’s in part because tourism as an industry inThailand is a lot older and more developed than in India. But you have to ask yourself do you want to come and experience a genuine Asian culture like India where you will travel to places that still maintain their native authenticity (but with some luxuries thrown in especially for you). Or do you want to find yourself in the midst of thousands of tourists in an environment that has been hugely adjusted to meet your expectations? In other words, surroundings that feel a bit more like your own home.

For a unique, cultural difference it has to be India all the way.

As someone once wrote: ‘When you arrive in India your heart sinks (the heat, the crowds). And when you leave, you leave a part of you behind’.


                       Rap Bua festival in Thailand


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