Farming in Kerala!

P duck_farming_in_the_backwaters_20.jpgBelieve it or not, one of the popular types of farming near us is precisely what you see in the photo. But can you work out what it is?

It’s duck farming. Here in Raheem Residency we are fortunate enough to be close to some of nature’s treasures. We have a beach and the never-ending mix of canals and lakes known as the Backwaters around us.

The stretch of the Backwaters in the photo is no more than about 8kms from the hotel in a magnificent bundle of waterscapes. And it’s here that you will find farmers ‘herding’ their ducks across streams.

You will find duck sometimes on restaurant menus but it’s  more of a speciality food than fish and chicken. Also if you are a westerner you probably like duck roasted in an oven with a crispy skin. But standard ovens are not used in Kerala cuisine. All food is cooked on the hob. And so don’t be confused if you see ‘Duck Roast’ on a menu (it’s not on ours). Don’t expect to be served an over-roasted fowl. It will have been cooked in small sections, wrapped in spices, on the hob.

A very different culinary experience indeed from the traditional western Duck a l’Orange!

Still, you didn’t come on holiday to eat familiar food. Did you?!


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