Kerala has resilience!

You may have heard of the devastation in parts of Kerala caused by the incredibly strong monsoon of 2018.  We have lived through about seventeen monsoons here at Alleppey Beach. Bus this one was like no other. We remember when the monsoon used to make landfall around Trivandrum, our capital, precisely on June 1st. In latter years, this has changed. It has become unreliable, mostly starting a bit earlier but that doesn’t bother us as the month of May is our hottest month. It’s almost a bit of relief.

But not this year. Fortunately for our property and immediate surrounding areas we escaped. Others were not so lucky. We naturally have supported the Kerala government’s huge efforts to solve the problems and Kerala is hugely indebted to the outpourings of help from all around the state, all over India and from others in several countries abroad.

But the people of Kerala have huge powers of resistance and a great ability to pull together at a time of crisis. We have seen this all over the state in the last weeks and months. A massive clean-up and repair have shown us that we all work best when we all work together.

The tourist season was never strong during monsoon. Naturally, most people, especially westerners, want to escape rain. There’s enough of it in their native countries!

So we are open for business. And we know that Kerala in its entirety will soon be like us.

So we look forward to seeing you before long. Come enjoy! You will be supporting Kerala and its tourism business in the process. We thank you.


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