Smell India. Yikes!

pic smart phone

Er………..I don’t know about that but apparently Smart phones will indeed be sending us scented messages in 2015.

Recently some clever fellow managed to send the scent of champagne – naturally, dahling – from Paris to New York via his phone. The device is called oPhone Duo.

And still on the smelly front, so to speak, there’s already the Scentee device that can emit the aroma of coffee when your alarm clock goes off.

It’s hardly new though because as we all know by now the beguiling scent of freshly baked bread that assails our virgin nostrils in the bakery section of your local western supermarket is NOT coming from the fresh baguettes but from a mechanical device through an air vent in the ceiling.

Ah no! You weren’t taken in by that, were you?

These tekkie developments are all fine and dandy. But what will be do in our beloved India if somebody wants to transmit the……er….aromas from a busy street in a mega city?