Kerala Hotels at HALF-PRICE!


Hotels at half-price? Check out hotels in Kerala – including Raheem Residency – and you’ll find a magnificent drop in prices  from now until the end of September. That’s because it’s monsoon time.

Ah, so you think that means it pours from the heavens all day long every day? No, it doesn’t. And the weather is beautifully warm. For those of us not born in a tropical climate, we WISH it would cool off. Sometimes the locals will say ‘It’s cool today.’ And yes indeed there would be a temperature drop. Of one miserable degree celsius! The average daily temperature during monsoon is around 29C. Nice and warm.

Another great advantage of holidaying in Kerala during the monsoon is that there are very few tourists around. So if you prefer to be away from the madding crowds this is a good time for you. Local people don’t like rain even though they haven’t experienced the pin prick sensation of cold, sharp rain clawing at your face. So everyone stays indoors. You’ll feel like you own the place!

And if you’re interested in Health & Well-being the monsoon is your perfect time for Rejuvenation. Ayurvedic tradition has it that as the rain rejuvenates the earth so also are our bodies and minds more susceptible to rejuvenation at this time. So if you are serious about doing a week-long course of Rejuvenating Massage, you really should come to Kerala during the rainy season. 

But what about the rain really, you ask? Well, imagine a warm shower. Heavy at times, yes. But it tends to come in strong bursts rather than a continuous flow all day long. However we can’t predict it accurately. If you’re interested contact us and we will give you an update.

Downside: Best to avoid cities if you’re touring around. The streets can get water-logged due to inadequate plumbing. And it’s just too messy.

Mr Elephant looks cool!

Mr Elephant looks cool!

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