Yoga 4 U in Raheem Residency

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The Raheem Residency Yoga Master

Today we celebrate yoga, the great form of mind/body discipline that originated in India about 5000 years ago. Then as recently as 2015 the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, proposed to the United Nations that a World Yoga day should be created. And so it was. June 21st. Today is World Yoga Day.

Yoga mainly consists of postures or asanas that are designed to increase your strength and flexibility and it has a particular usefulness for proper breathing, all of which are key components of healthy living for both mind and body. An interesting aspect of Yoga as taught in India today is that we, the students, are never asked to push ourselves hugely beyond what is comfortable. This is at odds with gym lovers in the west who seem to take competition with them even to the ‘leisure’ centre!

Yoga, now commonplace in the western world,  has been re-shaped in some situations to appeal to a different temperament with different lifestyle and health goals. But no matter what shape in which it is presented it has been proven to have verifiable benefits. Regular pracice undeniably helps you to get in tune with your body and to strengthen your core.

And now, a new study has revealed that yoga can also help us exercise our mind. According to scientists at the University of California a weekly routine of yoga combined with meditation can fend off cognitive decline associated with the ageing process.

Whatever your goal come to Raheem Residency and learn from our very own Yoga Master. You will be in expert hands.


Kerala Monsoon Myths


Do you like to holiday when few tourists are around? When good quality accommodation is really cheap? Then come to Kerala during the monsoon.

No, it doesn’t rain all day every day. That’s the first myth about monsoon.

No, it isn’t cold. For those of us not born in a tropical climate, we WISH it would cool off. Sometimes the locals will say ‘It’s cool today.’ And yes indeed there was a temperature drop. Of one miserable degree celsius! The average daily temperature during monsoon is around 29C. Nice and warm.


But what about the rain? Well, imagine a warm shower. Heavy at times, yes. But it tends to come in strong bursts rather than a continuous flow all day long. And no, we can’t predict it exactly at this stage. But at the end of May we can be sure that India will start to nuzzle up to two big arms of rain, one from the east and one from the west.

The monsoon hits the southern tip of Kerala first. It used to begin with great precision on June 1st. But with climate change allegedly it now starts before the end of May in Kerala and the two big arms meet together in central India sometime in July.

Local people don’t like rain. But then they haven’t experienced the pin prick sensation of cold, sharp rain clawing at your face. So everyone stays indoors. And as a tourist, you’ll have the place to yourself. Lovely.

Ayurvedic tradition has it that as the rain rejuvenates the earth so also are our bodies and minds more susceptible to rejuvenation at this time. So if you are serious about doing a week-long or more course in Ayurveda, you really should come to Kerala during the rainy season. That’s June and July.


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A Tekkie Tip 4 u

R U like him?

R U like him?

Like all hotels, Raheem Residency too has to deal with an awkward email now and again. And no doubt it happens to you also even if you’re not in the tourism business.
So here’s a tip. According to there’s a premium time in the day when your tough email will get the best possible response.
That’s after lunch around 1.30pm.
Because the recipient will be done with the morning rush so you won’t be getting in the way. Secondly, his/her little belly will be comfortably full and the humour may be better!
It all sounds so obvious. But then sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious. Do we not?
That same company maintains that women get more stressed out from sending that difficult email than men. But we all know some men who would say that women get more stressed over everything than men. Bah!
But not in India. It’s one of the many striking differences between east and west. South Indian folk and people from Kerala in particular are more laid-back, easy-going and absolutely allergic to panic and rush. No wonder Ayurveda and Yoga originated here.
Come see it at first hand! Book that holiday now!

Relaxing Ayurveda Massage 4 u?

Relaxing Ayurveda Massage 4 u?

Re-posting from October 27, 2014.