Yoga 4 U in Raheem Residency

yoga maaster.jpg

The Raheem Residency Yoga Master

Today we celebrate yoga, the great form of mind/body discipline that originated in India about 5000 years ago. Then as recently as 2015 the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, proposed to the United Nations that a World Yoga day should be created. And so it was. June 21st. Today is World Yoga Day.

Yoga mainly consists of postures or asanas that are designed to increase your strength and flexibility and it has a particular usefulness for proper breathing, all of which are key components of healthy living for both mind and body. An interesting aspect of Yoga as taught in India today is that we, the students, are never asked to push ourselves hugely beyond what is comfortable. This is at odds with gym lovers in the west who seem to take competition with them even to the ‘leisure’ centre!

Yoga, now commonplace in the western world,  has been re-shaped in some situations to appeal to a different temperament with different lifestyle and health goals. But no matter what shape in which it is presented it has been proven to have verifiable benefits. Regular pracice undeniably helps you to get in tune with your body and to strengthen your core.

And now, a new study has revealed that yoga can also help us exercise our mind. According to scientists at the University of California a weekly routine of yoga combined with meditation can fend off cognitive decline associated with the ageing process.

Whatever your goal come to Raheem Residency and learn from our very own Yoga Master. You will be in expert hands.


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